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How Harmony Took Back Control Over Payroll


Harmony is an early learning and childcare provider established in 2017. Originally founded by a husband and wife duo, who were inspired by their journey with their own children, Harmony has grown from a small grouping of child care centres to service 11 communities across Queensland and New South Wales.

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Nobody Gets Fired for Buying IBM

The perception amongst large, risk-adverse organisations, is that using big brand or expensive payroll software guarantees compliance.

Don’t Let Software Switching Costs Hold You Back

Software providers will often structure their fees/contracts to indirectly embed switching costs.

The new look of foundU

We all need a little refresh now and then. After years focused on building Australia’s only true, all-in-one workforce management and payroll...

How Digital Transformation Can Level Up Your Business

How and more importantly, when, should the dots between working remotely and a “digital transformation” be joined?

Too many or not enough? Our love affair with public holidays

In 1983, then Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke declared any boss a bum if they’d sack a worker for not giving them the day off after the historic...

Queensland Mental Health Week – Take time for mental health

Mental health.

Two simple words, when put together, can create a complex response.

The future of work…where the compass points

Can 9 to 5 morph into a better way to make a living?

COVID Vaccinations: Open letter to the team

Hi foundU team,

At foundU, we know employees are the lifeblood of any business. From finding people and thereafter, rewarding, motivating and...