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Who we work with

Streamline your construction and labour hire staff management

  • Hire the right people fast
  • Onboard in an engaging way, inviting people to enter details and credentials you need to run compliant, resourced sites
  • Roster the most appropriate, qualified and cost effective workers in minutes, reducing overtime requirements
  • Manage your remote team with a convenient mobile app. Communicate rosters, locations - whatever your people need, whenever they need it, and enable workers to clock in and out from the mobile app, submitting timesheets for instant approval
  • Pay workers correctly, no matter their position, location, overtime allowances, deductions or penalty rates - all calculated and processed in minutes

Fast, high-vis scheduling and timesheeting

Manage your permanent, casual and contracting workers with clarity and confidence. 
  • Quickly roster workers to sites based on availability, skills and qualifications
  • Record performance and quality notes for future work evaluation
  • See real-time attendance with geo-location, instantly approve timesheets
  • Share rosters via the mobile app, complete with shift offers, confirmations and reminders

Customisable onboarding from near or far

Onboard distributed workers via the app, for fast, efficient processing.

  • Request employee availability at recruitment or onboarding stage
  • Customise onboarding to request any document or detail your business requires
  • Export a list of onboarded workers by site to perform site visits and check-ins when required

Automated compliance

Maintain compliance standards with qualification alerts, fatigue-related rostering limits and policy adherence attached to employee records.

  • See expired qualifications while rostering - preventing non-compliant employees from working
  • Complete automated VISA checks with instant feedback
  • Ensure policies and procedures are read, acknowledged and stored against employee profiles

Approve payroll direct from timesheets

Single system, single employee record and native payroll translates into fast, accurate payruns.

  • Enable workers to clock in and out using the mobile app. Timesheets push directly into payroll on approval
  • Automate calculation of shift pay rates by time scheduled, allowances, deductions, location, overtime - any condition you specify
  • Keep on top of compliance with proactive legislation tracking
  • Manage rate rises with our rate rise tool, that seamlessly flows through to rosters, shifts and payroll

Great employee experience - access to information from anywhere

Retain your hardworking staff with a modern, convenient employee experience.

  • See upcoming shifts/shift offers and accept/reject
  • Offer early access to earned wages, keeping anxiety at bay and performance strong
  • Get alerted when a worker must update training or qualifications

Software features loved by construction


For employees

  • Clock in and out for shifts or submit timesheets instantly
  • Update details, availability, super or tax details any time and apply for leave through the app
  • Accept or reject shifts using the app
  • Get alerts or prompts to update qualifications or policy acknowledgements
  • Choose your super from a drop-down list

For managers

  • Take advantage of integration with the ATO for STP and TFN declaration lodgement
  • Automate BSB checks to avoid incorrect payment of wages
  • Track break times accurately
  • Turn on geo-location for accurate time and attendance recording
  • Export a list of workers who started on a site in a particular week, so you can schedule site visits
  • Enjoy visibility of expired qualifications in scheduling screen to prevent rostering non-compliant workers


The best part?

The all-in-one nature of our platform means that onboarding meets rostering meets payroll - no double-up data entry, no ‘integrated’ system to log out and back into, no questioning your data. Just simple, all-in-one accuracy and compliance - right across the employee journey.


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