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Australia’s best payroll software

Event driven and supported by our one-of-a-kind award interpretation engine. Built for the payroll of tomorrow.


Blink and you’ll miss it

We’re on a mission to automate payroll for Australian businesses of all sizes.


Event driven payroll

We didn’t coin the term, we just invented the process.


Award/Agreement interpretation

Purpose built for the Australian IR Environment.


Single Touch Payroll compliant

STP V2 compliant and ready for anything else the ATO throws at us.


Payroll, done differently

foundU revolutionises payroll management with event driven payroll calculations, automating real-time updates whenever changes occur in employee timesheets, shifts, or leave statuses. Ensuring payroll data is always current, significantly reducing the need for manual adjustments and eliminating batch processing errors. Enhancing compliance, reducing administrative workloads, and allowing payroll professionals to concentrate on the more strategic tasks at hand.


Australia’s leading interpretation engine

foundU’s interpretation engine has been built for the complexities of Australian employment law and flexibility to handle both Modern Awards, Enterprise Bargaining Agreements and bespoke business needs and requirements. Designed to support the National Employment Standards, it automatically calculates wages, overtime, and other entitlements for payroll efficiencies and to reduce manual errors. This user configurable tool enables you to keep up with legislative changes, offers a scalable solution that evolves with your business and ensures optimal efficiency and compliance in payroll management.


Single Touch Payroll compliant

Streamline STP reporting with foundU, which automatically sends all employee payroll data, including salaries, wages, PAYG withholdings, and superannuation, to the ATO each pay cycle. This seamless integration ensures effortless compliance with up-to-date regulations, eliminating manual hassles and maintaining accuracy. Unlike most payroll software providers in Australia, we built our own Single Touch Payroll reporting technology. Ensuring easy adaptation for future reporting requirements.


Super, done simply

Efficiently manage superannuation with foundU’s comprehensive tools, allowing you to accrue, track and report liabilities in detail for compliance. Take it to the next level through our integration partner Beam for swift and secure super payments, ensuring employees receive their benefits promptly.


Leave management

Employees like the convenience of submitting leave applications, viewing accrued balances, and using leave forecasting tools to plan future time off. Employers benefit from streamlined processes to review and address leave applications efficiently. Our inbuilt leave calendar provides a clear view of who is on leave, with options to export details directly to your email for seamless integration into your daily workflow.

Payroll integrations


Empowering businesses to make informed decisions in real-time, improving their bottom line and unlocking their full potential.


Your restaurant, your rules. Save countless hours and brainpower with everything you need to streamline your restaurant.


Empowering organisations with a diverse array of engaging learning content to fuel professional growth and success.

Frequently asked questions

Can employees be assigned multiple positions?

Yes – And we’re one of the only payroll systems in Australia that can handle employees who work multiple positions across varying awards/agreements within the same pay period.

Can you calculate leave accrual balances for future leave requests?

Yes – All leave requests will display the estimated accruals at the time it is being taken. Ensuring your employees can submit future leave with complete visibility over their accruals.

Can you configure the pay rules of positions?

Yes – Our award interpretation engine can be configured to suit your business needs and requirements. Our intuitive design allows you to make changes and test results to ensure compliance.

"foundU was the only end-to-end platform that we identified that could meet the payroll requirements we had."

- Harmony


Popular features

Time and Attendance

Clock apps, Geo-Location check ins, QR code scanning or simple in app shift submissions. When it comes to T&A we have a little something for everyone. Pick one or use them all, the choice is yours.

Self Service App

Manage employment info, availability, leave, time and attendance, qualifications, view upcoming shifts, see real time wage earnings, create personal budgets


We built features to take EOFY headaches away. From Minimum Wage Increases to reconciliations. Guaranteed to help you meet those deadlines and celebrate a little earlier.

Transparent pricing, no surprises

Get the features and setup you need from day one. Choose from three unique packages, all designed to suit your business and ensure you only pay for what you need.