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Digital employee onboarding software tailored to your business

Digital employee onboarding software tailored to your business

Paperless documents, digital signatures, and custom workflows for a personalised, efficient new hire experience.


Digital, tailored and secure

Digital, tailored and secure

First impressions count. Give your new hires something to talk about.


Digital employee onboarding

Hire today and deploy tomorrow. Onboard new hires effortlessly anywhere, anytime.


Tailored onboarding journeys

Your onboarding journey, your way. Capture what you need to ensure compliance.


Under lock and key

ISO27001 compliant with robust encryption and strict access controls to protect your data.


Growing your business? We’re ready when you are

Expand your team with unlimited onboarding. Unlike other platforms, we don’t charge per onboarded user, ensuring you can scale up as needed without additional costs. Onboard as many team members as you require, anytime, and keep your operations fully staffed and efficient. Never worry about being short-staffed again—grow at your own pace with foundU.


Safeguard compliance with secure document management

Collect and verify critical documents such as qualifications, proof of identification and signed policies during the onboarding process. Capture licences or tickets and track their expiry dates. Our secure platform ensures legal requirements are met with full traceability, reducing risk and enhancing operational efficiency.


Applicant tracking system

Optimise your recruitment process with our Applicant Tracking System. Streamline onboarding and maintain precise employee records all in one place. Simplify tracking, hiring, and managing candidates, ensuring a smooth transition from applicant to team member. Enhance your HR efficiency and keep all critical information easily accessible.


VEVO Checks

Our direct integration with the Department Of Home Affairs allows you to check the work rights of current or future employees who are Visa Holders. A complimentary feature of foundU which allows you to validate the status of Visa Holders in bulk and at no additional cost. Saving you time and ensuring compliance.

Onboarding integrations

Onboarding integrations

Tribal Habits

Effortlessly create and manage learning content, leveraging staff expertise to foster a culture of continuous learning.

Recruit Wizard

Optimise your recruitment process with intuitive CRM and ATS software, ensuring a smooth and efficient hiring procedures.


A streamlined learning platform designed to enhance employee development and organisational growth.

Frequently asked questions

Can I customise the employee onboarding journey to suit my business needs?

Yes – We tailor the employee onboarding journey for all our customers to ensure they capture all required information specific to your business and industry.

Am I charged for each employee onboarded?

No - We only charge for active employees who are rostered on or paid within a paycycle. Allowing you to recruit and onboard as many employees as you like to ensure you remain fully staffed and operational at no additional cost.

Are there any limits to how many employees I can onboard?

No – We don’t place any limits on the amount of employees you onboard, ever.

"We don't have to waste time anymore manually typing in information or scanning in forms….. which has removed the burden on us and helped us save thousands of man hours."

-National Protective Services


Popular features

Employee Management

One record, one source of truth, for life. No more data sync issues across multiple systems. Update it once, move on to the next.

Self Service App

Manage employment info, availability, leave, time and attendance, qualifications, view upcoming shifts, see real time wage earnings, create personal budgets.


Employee scheduling made easy no matter how many locations. Drag and drop shifts, offer and assign them to your employees and keep track of your wage costs in real time.

Transparent pricing, no surprises

Get the features and setup you need from day one. Choose from three unique packages, all designed to suit your business and ensure you only pay for what you need.