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Who we work with

Designed for labour hire businesses

Labour hire is a high-speed, competitive industry. To optimise costs and stay ahead of the competition, you need greater visibility and control over your labour hire workforce.

Imagine a single, end-to-end system that enables you to do this - to keep on top of candidate compliance, to differentiate against business competitors, to help you onboard and schedule candidates at scale - all for a simple price without a lock-in contract.

foundU began as a labour hire company with a belief that there is a better way to manage shift-based, casual and contract workforces. In just seven years, it has evolved into Australia’s only all-in-one workforce management platform. It gives labour hire businesses a single system to onboard, schedule, pay and invoice with complete accuracy, efficiency and confidence. 

Streamline recruitment and labour hire candidate management

  • Onboard candidates at scale, inviting them to enter the details and credentials your clients need to run compliant venues and work sites

  • Schedule the most appropriate, qualified and cost effective candidates in minutes, reducing overtime requirements

  • Manage candidates with a convenient mobile app. Communicate schedules, locations - whatever workers need, whenever they need it

  • Enable candidates to clock in and out from the mobile app, submitting timesheets for instant approval

  • Pay candidates correctly, no matter their position, location, overtime allowances, deductions or penalty rates - all calculated and processed in minutes

Labour hire candidate management with foundU

Pay only when candidates are working

Get the features and setup you need from day one, and only pay when candidates use your foundU platform. Onboard new candidates at scale, capturing every detail you need to get them up and running fast.

  • Request candidate availability during onboarding

  • Customise candidate onboarding to request any document or detail your business requires

  • Track the completion of candidate registration to measure job interest

  • Export a list of onboarded candidates by site to perform site visits and check-ins when required

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Screenshot of labour hire workforce management software

Automate compliance

Maintain compliance standards with qualification alerts, fatigue-related rostering limits and policy adherence attached to candidate records.

  • See expired qualifications while scheduling - preventing non-compliant candidates from working

  • Complete automated VISA checks at the click of a button with instant feedback

  • Ensure policies and procedures are read, acknowledged and stored against candidate profiles

Labour hire compliance

Generate schedules and timesheets fast

Manage your labour hire workforce with clarity and confidence. 

  • Quickly schedule candidates to locations or sites based on availability, skills and qualifications

  • Get notified the moment a candidate declines a job

  • Accurately track time and attendance - enable geo-location features for employees to clock-in and out through the employee app when on-site

  • Share schedules via the mobile app, complete with shift offers, confirmations and reminders

  • Reduce admin by giving your clients access to schedules so they can immediately see who is working on-site

Labour hire scheduling and timesheet software

In built invoicing

Once you've processed pay for your employees, you're ready to invoice your clients.

  • Split invoices by purchase order
  • Group invoice line items by employees
  • Customise your invoice reference & ID numbers
  • View and edit pending invoices
  • Resend invoices and use bulk actions to reduce admin

Approve payroll direct from timesheets

Run payroll fast, with a single system, single candidate record and native payroll.

  • Enable candidates to clock in and out using the foundU mobile app, with timesheets pushed directly into payroll once approved

  • Automate calculation of shift pay rates by time scheduled, allowances, deductions, location, overtime - any condition you specify

  • Insert pay and charge rates to automate payroll and invoicing, by client, site or venue

  • Manage rate rises with our rate rise tool that seamlessly flows through to schedules, shifts and payroll

Labour hire payroll software

Give candidates access to information from anywhere

Retain candidates with a modern, convenient employee experience.

  • See upcoming jobs/job offers and accept/reject

  • Offer candidates early access to earned wages, improving candidate recruitment, retention and productivity

  • Get alerted when a candidate must update training or qualifications


Get a clear picture of candidate attendance

Install the foundU Clock app on iPads throughout your clients' venues and work sites to always ensure the correct candidates are working.

  • Capture an image of candidates at clock-in/out to eliminate time theft and buddy punching

  • Access live logs of all candidates clock-in/out details, including photos and geo-location tags

  • Configure clock-in/out settings by client or operation to automate your shift approval processes, including rounding, snap-to-roster times, auto-approvals and more

Labour hire candidate time and attendance tracking

Unleash the power of foundU

Icon of labour hire candidates

Features recruitment and labour hire candidates will love

  • Clock in and out for shifts or submit timesheets instantly
  • Update details, availability, super or tax details any time through the app
  • Accept or reject shifts using the app
  • Get alerts or prompts to update qualifications or policy acknowledgements
  • Choose super fund from a drop-down list
Icon of labour hire managers

Designed for recruitment and labour hire managers

  • Take advantage of integration with the ATO for STP and TFN declaration lodgement
  • Automate BSB checks to avoid incorrect payment of wages
  • Track break times accurately
  • Turn on geo-location for accurate time and attendance tracking
  • Export a list of candidates who started on a site in a particular week, so you can schedule site visits
  • Enjoy visibility of expired qualifications in scheduling screen to prevent scheduling non-compliant candidates


The best part?

The all-in-one nature of our platform means that onboarding meets rostering meets payroll and invoicing - no double-up data entry, no ‘integrated’ system to log out and back into, no questioning your data. Just simple, all-in-one accuracy and compliance - right across the candidate journey.


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