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Report on every aspect of your workforce


Generate reports on your workforce at each stage of their journey, from onboarding to scheduling, payroll and more.

The following are onboarding reports that you can generate with the foundU platform:
  • Attendance & Performance
  • Employee Onboarding Records
  • JobMaker Eligibility
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Employee Document Report
  • Employee Records
  • Shift Offers Report
  • Employee Incident Reports
  • Expiring Documents
  • Terminations
The following are scheduling reports that you can generate with the foundU platform:
  • Labour Management Report
  • Roster Breakdown Report
  • Clock Log
  • Roster (CSV Export)
  • New Starter Roster
  • Roster Summary
  • New Work Commencing
  • Roster Timesheet Variance
  • People In Work
Below are payroll reports that you can generate with the foundU platform:
  • Standard and Advanced Payroll
  • JobKeeper Payments
  • Allowances Paid
  • Pay Item and Allowance Schedule
  • Rate Label
  • STP Line Item Report
  • Unprocessed Deductions
  • Weekly Pay
  • Employment Termination Payment (ETP) Report
  • Position Changes Report
  • Reimbursements Report
  • Single Touch Payroll (STP) Year To Date
  • Wageflo Access Report
  • Line Item Breakdown
  • Processed Deductions
  • Single Touch Payroll Batch Report
  • SuperStream
  • Wageflo Transaction Report
  • Labour Management Report
  • Roster Breakdown Report
  • Payroll Billing (Invoice Test)
  • Awaiting Tax File Numbers
  • General Journal Export (Basic)
  • Management Accounts List
  • Allowance Accruals
  • Leave Paid
  • Superannuation Report
  • Workcover Report
  • Leave Liability
  • Payroll Tax
  • Time Off In Lieu (TOIL)
  • Leave Movement
  • Rostered Days Off Accrual
  • Workcover Payments
The following are other reports that you can create with the foundU platform:
  • Admin Activity
  • Prospects Report (CRM)
  • Follow-up Documents
  • Manager Activity

Report accurately on your finances

Generate comprehensive and accurate reports on your payroll activity, staff timesheets, accounting journals, leave accruals, liabilities and more with just a few clicks.

  • Report on staff requests for early access to earned wages

  • See all employee allowances, reimbursements and accruals with the Allowances Paid, Reimbursements and the Allowance Accruals reports

  • Generate accurate payroll data in various accounts buckets

  • View Single Touch Payroll data and get a detailed view per employee via the STP Line Item report

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Get a bird's eye view of your workforce

Uncover valuable data about your workforce, including employee time and attendance, onboarding records, expiring documents and qualifications, and staff terminations - all pulled from a single system with single employee records.

  • Generate clock-in/out records from the foundU Clock App

  • Report on all expiring documents and qualifications stored against employee profiles

  • Check the status of your employees' rights to work and their ability to responsibly serve alcohol with RSA and VISA Checklist reports

  • Compare rostered shift times with approved shifts to identify variances with the Timesheet Variance report

Workforce reporting software

Track and report on your business

Know exactly where your business stands with accurate tracking and reporting on admins, operations and more.

  • Track admin user activity for operations via the Admin Activity report

  • View CRM notes for prospective operations - including activity count and conversion statistics with the Prospects report

  • Report on your required employee and operation follow-ups in the next 60 days with the Follow-Up Documents report

  • Track comments for operations or employees by type, manager or office code with the Manager Activity report

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