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A single system to power your team


  • Set up schedules and staff rosters

  • Notify and confirm shifts

  • Communicate changes to employees

  • Use a range of clock-in options to suit your business

  • Customise the clock in process with input fields
  • View staff at work and quickly spot gaps in real-time

  • Automate and customise shift approval processes

  • Build accurate payslips thanks to our powerful award engine

  • Interpret modern awards and agreements, pay accurate overtime rates and more

  • Manage payroll with ease and accuracy


Use geo-location for greater accuracy

Accurately track time and attendance by switching on geo-location tracking features, while ensuring employees can easily clock in and out for shifts.

  • Implement geo-location boundaries and enable employees to clock-in/out through the employee app when they are on-site

  • View time and attendance logs to see where employees are clocking in and out from

  • Set specific thresholds to enable automatic shift approvals for easy payroll

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Touchless clock

Let your employees clock in and out of shifts using a QR code. Provide a safer option in higher traffic environments or where hygiene is critical.

  • Quicker, safer, and easier

  • Flexible options. Use the QR code or Employee App

  • Seamlessly linked to reporting and payroll


Get a clear picture of staff attendance

Install the foundU Clock app on iPads throughout your business to always ensure the correct employees are working.

  • Capture an image of staff at clock-in/out to eliminate time theft and buddy punching

  • Access live logs of all employee clock-in/out details, including photos and geo-location tags

  • Configure clock-in/out settings by client or operation to automate your shift approval processes, including rounding, snap-to-roster times, auto-approvals and more

  • Capture notes directly from staff, reasons for clocking in early or late

Time and attendance tracking using the foundU clock-in app

Keep staff updated no matter the location

Ensure staff are up-to-date and engaged with the latest workplace information and company announcements, no matter their location.

  • Share announcements with staff via the employee app or SMS

  • Offer shifts to employees and watch your schedules automatically update as they accept or decline

  • Leave shift notes for staff on an individual or team basis

Staff communications about time and attendance

Approve shifts with ease

Use a centralised view to see all your employee shifts and scheduled times. Make changes and edits easily before approving (or declining). Process all shifts for payroll quickly with bulk actions.

  • Approve time worked to be paid

  • Decline shifts not to be paid

  • Edit the times that your employees should be paid

  • Add an allowance to an employee's shift

  • Adjust the break duration of the employee

  • Apply leave to a shift, such as personal leave

  • Change an employee's position

  • Change the schedule that the employee worked on

  • Lock shifts so that no more edits can be made while payroll is processed

  • Report on staff hours worked across multiple cost centres in the same day using shift costing

Admin Approve Shifts Large

Automate payroll without integrations

Avoid additional data entry or complex integrations with third-party time and attendance software. Compare time and attendance data against schedules, then approve shifts for automatic payroll preparation.

Automated payroll generated payslip

Why Australian businesses use our time and attendance software

Time and attendance features employees love

Features employees love

  • Enjoy the peace of mind of timely and accurate pay
  • Save time on completing and submitting timesheets
  • Clock-in/out for shifts, from the same or different devices, and submit timesheets instantly
Time and attendance software designed for managers

Designed for managers

  • Set different clock-in and clock-out rules by location
  • Turn on geo-location for accurate time and attendance tracking
  • Instantly approve shifts to generate a payslip and to ready payroll
  • Use image capturing at clock-in/out to eliminate time theft or buddy punching
  • Use time and attendance data to monitor lateness or no-shows