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How Harmony Took Back Control Over Payroll


Harmony is an early learning and childcare provider established in 2017. Originally founded by a husband and wife duo, who were inspired by their journey with their own children, Harmony has grown from a small grouping of child care centres to service 11 communities across Queensland and New South Wales.

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Supporting Businesses With Minimum Wage Increases

A product is only as good as the people who support it - and we’re lucky to have such an incredible team dedicated to the success of our customers.

How We Help Small Businesses Streamline Their Operations

We're proud supporters of local businesses. That's why we attended this year's Brisbane Business and Jobs Expo!

Ditching the Virtual World for Strategy

Over the last few weeks, our teams ditched the virtual world for a full day of strategising. Defining where they want to be in 12 months and laying...

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7 Easy Ways To Successfully Onboard New Employees

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Queensland Mental Health Week – Take time for mental health

Mental health.

Two simple words, when put together, can create a complex response.

The future of work…where the compass points

Can 9 to 5 morph into a better way to make a living?

Where’s your zoom room? How WFH is new workplace dealbreaker

WFH, AFK, Zoom room. How about a quarantini? From new acronyms to new ways to de-stress when you get to ‘Blursday’, the Covid pandemic is not only...