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Mission-critical analytics from beginning to end

Managing compliance at scale is a minefield. From payroll compliance to qualifications, employee policies and site requirements, compliance is the ever-moving target that large organisations need to hit.

An all-in-one system means integrations, no multiple logins, no add-ons or spreadsheets. Just accurate information that delivers clarity, compliance and accuracy through the entire employee journey.

  • Use automated compliance to drive safe, effective performance
  • Use analytics to improve the way you schedule and manage your workforce
  • Scale with confidence, using the industry’s only all-in-one workforce management platform

Optimise costs and resources with workforce analytics

Analyse your data by site, shift, day or hour to optimise your workforce allocations.
  • Create the perfectly cost-efficient and compliant schedule in minutes
  • See your real wage costs (not estimates) as you build your schedules
  • Use historical analytics to forecast demand and build schedules in real time
  • Manage workforce availability, qualifications, permissions and more across sites

Move fast with intelligent compliance

  • Automate the tracking of employee compliance with notifications and alerts against the employee record
  • See expired qualifications automatically at scheduling and prevent non-compliant employees being scheduled
  • Ensure complete compliance and accuracy of payroll in accordance with Australian legislation 

No payroll is an island

Payroll takes data from scheduling, timesheets, awards and all of the employee record data to calculate someone’s pay. When these records are seamlessly linked in the same platform, magic happens. Without the hours of admin, checking and back-and-forth communications you normally rely on.

  • Simplify your payroll, scheduling and onboarding into the same easy system (no integrations or API cracks)
  • Onboard digitally, and store all compliance and pay-related information against the single employee record
  • Automate award changes as the employee ages or progresses - all thanks to comprehensive digital onboarding

Experience the ease and power of all-in-one

  • Drag and drop schedules, connected to payroll
  • Simple, easy-to-use system
  • Strong employee experience
  • Implementation just the way you need it
  • The industry’s most agile pay calculator