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Who we work with

Streamline your workforce management

  • Hire the right people - fast
  • Onboard efficiently, inviting people to enter details and credentials you need to run a compliant operation
  • Schedule the most appropriate, qualified and cost effective people in minutes
  • Delight and retain people with a convenient mobile app. Communicate schedules, locations, whatever your people need, whenever they need, and enable people to clock in and out from the mobile app, submitting timesheets for instant approval
  • Pay people correctly, no matter their position, location, overtime allowances, deductions or penalty rates - all calculated and processed in minutes

Fast, easy scheduling for the right staff to patient ratios

The more regulated an industry, the more complex it is to ensure the right staff with the right credentials are available at the right time. Yet, this is critical to your care outcomes. foundU can help.

  • Drag-and-drop schedules in minutes
  • See staff availability, positions and qualifications across locations for easy compliance and coverage
  • Be notified immediately when certifications are due to expire to ensure you’re always scheduling fully compliant staff
  • Set budget and shift limits in schedules to match available staff with the right workload, for best quality of care

Pay calculations you can count on

Streamline payroll, turning hours of arduous, complex admin into minutes of accurate, compliant processing. Spend more time delivering high-quality care, and less time stuck in the office.

  • Stay compliant and automate every scenario with our unrivalled pay calculator
  • Create positions easily with schedule and payroll testing before processing
  • Ensure you are paying the right penalty rates, overtime and allowances with an automated system that supports compliance

Employee-to-platform onboarding

Start new people at scale with an easy, seamless onboarding experience.

  • Enable staff to onboard directly into the platform - entering their availability, details and qualifications you need
  • Capture APRA registration checks, police checks, and NDIS worker screening, and receive notifications when due to expire
  • Update availability, super or tax details any time and apply for leave through the app

Employee app - essential convenience 

A mobile app is essential for your staff who may work from multiple locations. Give carers clear and early information on work availability, shift offers, pay and more. Empower employees to self-administer timesheets, update details and keep themselves qualified. Reduced admin burden on you, greater accountability and convenience for them. Win / win.

  • See upcoming shifts / shift offers and accept / reject
  • Give staff access to important information from anywhere
  • Document agreements or acknowledgements for compliance, and store them against the employee record
  • Get alerted to update training or qualifications

Software features loved by the care industry


For employees

  • Clock in and out for shifts or submit timesheets instantly
  • Update details, availability, super or tax details any time
  • Apply for leave through the app
  • See upcoming shifts / shift offers and accept / reject
  • Document agreements or acknowledgements
  • Get alerted to update training or qualifications

For managers

  • Use the rate rise tool for simple rate adjustments that flow through the platform
  • Access dependable support and legislation monitoring
  • Ensure STP compliance
  • Pay super in three clicks, direct from the system
  • Offer early earned wage access to employees
  • Let approved shifts go direct to payroll - single system efficiency and data accuracy
  • Record break times accurately
  • Turn on geo-location for accurate time and attendance recording
  • Stay compliant - shows expired qualifications in scheduling screen to prevent scheduling non-compliant workers
  • See and manage wage costs in the scheduling tool as you build
  • See automated calculations of shift pay rates by time scheduled, allowances, dedications, custom accounts, location, overtime, plus any other special condition unique to your award
  • Get fatigue alerts when carers are working long hours, or have too few hours between shifts
  • Easily and correctly utilise staff for the best possible efficiency and care outcomes

The best part?

The all-in-one nature of our platform means that onboarding meets scheduling meets payroll - no double-up data entry, no ‘integrated’ system to log out and back into, no questioning your data. Just simple, all-in-one accuracy and compliance - right across the employee journey.

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