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Budgeting tool

Simple yet powerful. Let employees estimate their outgoings and encourage the right behaviours. The ability to view real-time pay and upcoming pay combined with typical expenses help guide choices. Whether it is deciding to hold back on a large expense or requesting more shifts – your employees have access to tools helping with financial well-being.

  • Add expenses for essentials and fun.
  • Easily track outgoing costs vs earnings.
  • Help employees make informed choices.
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Calculated earned wages

Businesses love real-time award interpretation and pay calculations for even the most complex modern awards. For employees the result is a live and accurate picture into their earnings. Depending on your configuration you can auto approve shifts or ensure your operations team review shifts before approving them.

  • View net pay for the period ‘to date’ for approved shifts.
  • Give employees an accurate financial snapshot everyday.
  • Help employees make better decisions about their financial situation.

Estimated earnings

Experience the power of an all in one system. Scheduled shifts and upcoming work is used to calculate potential earnings – with all the necessary award calculations. Let employees see their current and future earning potential through the employee self-serve app. Empower them to make better decisions on their finances.

  • Give employees a full picture on their earnings well before pay day.
  • Help employees make better financial decisions.
  • Employee records, shifts and award calculations seamlessly calculate future pay.

Earned wage access

Help for the unexpected moments. To meet life’s demands before a regular pay day, employees can access their earned wages. Rather than relying on credit cards or loans, foundU has developed technology to provide a responsible alternative.

  • No cost to businesses to run or setup. Flexible configuration your business model.
  • Improving employee wellbeing with a helping hand for the toughest situations.
  • Accurate, fast, and efficient. The future of payroll.

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