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The kind of person who works at foundU

foundU is Australian-grown and managed, home to 80 + passionate people who are committed to accelerating the success of Australian businesses.

But what are we actually like? 

Work from anywhere with foundU

Work from anywhere


We don’t believe you need to be at your desk to make a difference, and our work from anywhere, anytime policy proves it. If you choose the office, we have creative, open spaces with a lively buzz and a palpable feeling of creativity and co-creation. Think co-working space, but with better biscuits. 

foundU's can-do culture

Can-do culture


Our people are our secret sauce. We believe that kindness, accountability and the ability to look after your fellow foundU-ers are more important than the letters after your name.

Our people come from all walks of life - we’ve got hipsters and geeks, nurses, restaurateurs and one of Australia’s most uncelebrated Steve Irwin impersonators. But the one thing binds us is the glass-half-full, sleeves rolled up, can-do mentality.

Love your work at foundU

Love your work


We’re in the business of building things most people haven’t thought of yet. The pace is fast and the work is challenging. We dream big, and we fight hard for customer ease, which inherently can make our job a little tricky. Luckily, we have a completely hands-on environment where everyone gets involved and feels comfortable sharing their point of view. 


Value the right things

We live and breathe our values at foundU - you can feel them whenever you interact with a foundU person. If you have the foundU DNA, these values will resonate with you too. 

  • Build trust 
  • Be bold 
  • Be authentic
  • Empower
  • Have fun

Have you got the foundU DNA?

  • You're bright, positive and kind, and bring a can-do attitude to work
  • You are inherently curious, wondering if there is a better way to do things
  • You enjoy collaborating and are at ease working with people at all levels of the organisation
  • You play well with others, you're capable and reliable, but also know how to create positive energy, laugh at yourself and make others feel good
  • You're fanatical about customer success - however you need to deliver it

Sound like you? Check out our vacancies.

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