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How MWG Streamlines Operations and Increases Efficiency

Jonathon Shipton
July 16, 2022
6 Min Read
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MWG Mining provides comprehensive workforce and contracting services to the mining, oil and gas, renewables and associated infrastructure industries throughout Australia. Originally founded in 2020 by Grant Wechsel, the company delivers its services through a range of brands: mining production specialists Tonnes+, coal industry specialists Mining Pro, Aboriginal-owned mining services business Boola Boodjar, and specialist technical and professional recruiter IMS Workforce

MWG Mining has always recognised the benefits of the foundU platform. Since opening its doors, the company has used the platform to manage its workforce, benefiting from reduced payroll processing times, a strong integration between scheduling and invoicing, and the support of the foundU customer success team.

Hayley Lee, Operations Manager at MWG Mining, reports that the foundU platform has enabled them to achieve this and more.


Reduced payroll processing times

Across all its entities, MWG Mining manages a complex payroll of hundreds of employees, who work under different awards, agreements and pay rates across multiple states.

Before implementing the foundU platform across the Group, IMS Workforce managed payroll using spreadsheets. This often resulted in a range of anomalies that took payroll days to put right.

"It was taking a whole week for us to do payroll, which is just crazy," Hayley said.

"Moving IMS Workforce from manual, in-house processes to foundU dramatically reduced the time it takes to process payroll - by reducing the errors and issues we had using spreadsheets, and the reduction in labour. We essentially made that position redundant and freed up that employee for better things."

Hayley also praises foundU's award interpretation, giving them confidence in the face of payroll audits.

"We have clients in Western Australia and Queensland, we run under several different awards and agreements, which gets tricky," Hayley said.

"Using foundU helps to iron out any kinks and reduce compliance issues. The system is able to provide a clear audit trail, so we're confident there wouldn't be any issues."

How MWG Streamlines Operations and Increases Efficiency

Scheduling and invoicing integration

Accurate scheduling and invoicing are often challenges for organisations with large, dynamic workforces. For MWG Mining, Hayley says it has never been easier.

"One of the highlights of foundU is the integration between scheduling and invoicing - it offers so much value," Hayley said.

"It increases accuracy but it also provides a clear audit trail that's easy to follow."


Greater customer support

An added benefit to the success they have experienced with payroll, scheduling and invoicing, Hayley says the support of the customer success team has been invaluable.

"The customer support team are always quick in their responses and resolving any questions that we have," Hayley said.

"Regardless of where you are in Australia, there's no issues with time zones or getting responses. Everything is very prompt."

All-in-all, Hayley says that foundU's commitment to customer success is what sets it apart from other workforce management solutions.

"One of the things I like most about foundU is that it is still a relatively new and local platform, which means that the team are always willing to develop the platform to ensure that customers are getting the best use out of it," Hayley said.

"foundU are also very open to listening to ideas about how the platform can be optimised to support customers better."


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