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How BP Milton Saves 4 Hours On Workforce Management

The foundU Team
May 21, 2021
4 Min Read
How BP Milton Saves 4 Hours On Workforce Management

BP Milton is a high-volume, 24-hr service station that provides fuel and amenities on one of Brisbane’s busiest roads. With shifts across a 24/7 cycle, the business needed a workforce management platform that was flexible, adaptable, and easy to use.

Before foundU, BP Milton owner, Paul Dent used a complicated HR software provider that couldn’t accurately account for shifts and made rostering a pain. He couldn’t easily track staff hours and wanted a system that made compliance easy. In such a busy business, Paul needed a workforce management platform that could keep up.


Employee-led, mobile-first onboarding

Paul has a young workforce who don’t want to be filling out onboarding paperwork and sending emails every time they need their details updated. With foundU, all Paul has to do is send a link to the onboarding module and foundU handles the rest.

foundU collects all documents, allows staff to set their availability before they even start, and will remind them when a license or certificate is due to expire. During the onboarding process, foundU is also automatically creating an employee record.

Paul always has employee information on-hand and staff can update their personal and financial details anytime they wish.

"It certainly appeals to our staff from a technology standpoint and they have no problems onboarding," Paul said.


Smart rostering

Rostering with foundU is a simple drag and drop process with a whole host of inbuilt smart features. If a staff member becomes unavailable, Paul can instantly offer the shift to all available staff in one click.

If he wants to duplicate the roster, it’s a simple copy and paste. At any time, Paul can set budgets by day or week, then see and control his wage costs in real-time as he builds rosters.

"Rostering is now a very simple process with foundU," Paul said.

"If someone is unavailable we can easily offer the shift to someone else in one click."


Advanced payroll and compliance

Payroll with foundU isn’t just fast and easy - it’s also compliant. The platform was built with compliance in mind and will help ensure you pay the correct amount, allowance and any other custom pay rules.

"Payroll and compliance is the greatest thing about foundU as far as I’m concerned, and ensures we are compliant from all standpoints," Paul said.


Four hours saved each week

Paul saves hours each week managing his workforce due to the level of integration within the foundU platform.

If he makes one change, it automatically flows through the platform updating the relevant areas.

When it comes to payroll, all Paul has to do is double-check the numbers and press pay. No more collating shifts, analysing clock in times, or chasing timesheets.

"It’s saved us at least four hours a week," Paul said.


Local, fast support

Of course, the foundU customer success team is only a phone call or email away to give Paul the support he needs. As an Australian-based business, we’re always available to give businesses the help they need.

"The support – awesome, awesome," Paul said.

"If I have any questions at all, I just email or ring, and they are always answered!"


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