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How Iceworld Saved $1,500 In Their First Pay Run

The foundU Team
June 17, 2020
5 Min Read
How Iceworld Saved $1,500 In Their First Pay Run

What’s cooler than cool? Iceworld skating rinks run by CEO, Keith Fullerton. What isn’t cool is losing money to time theft and spending hours collating paper timesheets.

Keith manages a team of over 60 casuals and full-time staff working across two skating rinks in Brisbane.

Before foundU, Keith was using paper timesheets which some staff were using to clock in late and leave early. 

If a team member wanted their details changed, it was a call to admin to have addresses updated, bank accounts changed and superannuation details amended. 

Payroll was a painful process of collecting paper timesheets from multiple sites, entering them manually into an accounting system and then having them double checked. Payroll would take hours to process and potential for data entry errors was high.

Keith was sick of skating on thin ice, and needed a system that cut time theft, let employees manage their details and reduced payroll from hours to minutes.

While our talents don’t extend to figure skating, we were able to help Keith by: 


Introducing the foundU Clock app

The foundU Clock app allows staff members to clock-in and clockout electronically via an iPad. Clock-in and clock-out is tied to directly to shift times and Keith can see exactly when staff start and finish. If the times match, he can click to approve the shift and it is automatically sent straight to payroll.  

"We saved $1,500 in one pay run after implementing the foundU Clock," Keith said.


Creating staff profiles

The foundU platform puts the power in Iceworld's staff’s hands. If they want to update their details, add new qualifications or tell Keith when they’re not available, they do it all in their employee profile. 

If they don’t submit the right details, the onus is on them to amend and Keith has a record of exactly what was provided.


Speeding up payroll

The foundU payroll module is powerful, quick and easy. The moment Keith approves a shift, a draft payslip is created with all awards and allowances displayed. This payslip updates every time a shift is approved and when Keith is ready, he can check the payslip or generate an ABA straight away. 

To make it even easier, he can split his payroll by location and team (front of house and admin).  

Keith estimates he is saving hours every week. 

"It was taking me three hours to do payroll before foundU, now I do it in twenty minutes," Keith said.


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