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How Dogs Country Club Save 35 Hours On Payroll

The foundU Team
July 28, 2020
5 Min Read
How Dogs Country Club Save 35 Hours On Payroll

Dogs Country Club and Kennel Resort is Melbourne’s most loved dog kennel with a range of accommodation options, a dedicated team and 30 staff working across two sites. An award-winning business led by leader of the pack, Cory Andrews, the luxury boarding resorts provide some of the best dog care in Australia.

While the pack was strong, they were in the doghouse with their HR and payroll system. Cory relied on clock cards which required staff to punch in and punch out for their shifts. Often staff would forget to clock in or clock out and would often amend the paper cards with pen.

With multiple sites and no cloud-based system, Cory’s bookkeeper would drive between locations collecting time cards. Cory and her bookkeeper would then have to work through a stack of time cards and begin deciphering squiggles and uploading them manually to the payroll system.

It was a long process that was taking Cory over a day to complete and with so much data to work through, it could become an error prone process.

What was really getting Cory’s hackles up was a complicated rostering process that was created in spreadsheets. It was difficult to see availability, roster costs and the team had their own challenges understanding the document.

To finish it off, she operated separate payroll and HR systems that didn’t talk to each other. Changes that were made in one, had to be manually made in the other.

To get payroll out of the doghouse and back into the kennel’s penthouse suites, we introduced Cory to Australia’s most advanced workforce management platform.


Real-time roster costs

The foundU rostering module updates in real time to show you how much you’re spending on staff costs by the hour, shift, day and week. You can work to a budget and set hard limits to control your roster costs. Cory’s managers can now create rosters in minutes and in a cyclical industry, can better control their wage bill.

"Managers can see how much they’re spending and can actually get a 99% idea of what payroll’s going to be," said Cory.


The foundU Clock and employee app

The foundU Clock took away Cory’s time card headache with an easy-to-use iPad app. All Cory’s employees need to do at the start of shift is enter their code, pose for a picture and their attendance will be automatically recorded against their shift.

Cory can see exactly when someone started, see how close it is to shift start time and has access to workforce metrics based on attendance.

With the foundU employee app, schedules are always available in an easy-to-read, clear format with shift reminders, notes and instructions.

"Their roster is always with them with all the information they need," Cory said.


Payroll in an hour

With instant shift approval and payslip generation, the foundU payroll module has cut Cory’s payroll processing time by 90%. No more driving between locations, no more deciphering squiggles, and no more human error.

Cory’s new process has managers approving shifts daily, that data being automatically passed to payroll and on payday, all Cory has to do is double check the numbers and press pay.

"We’ve gone from a process that took 24 to 36 hours to a process that takes an hour after you add up everyone’s time," Cory said.


Instant availability and leave

With the foundU platform, Cory’s managers can instantly see who is available, who has requested leave and what is upcoming.

The platform allows employees to set standard and fluctuating ability and request leave in seconds using the app. Cory can also easily match shifts to skill level and demand.

If demand changes quickly or staff availability changes, Cory and her managers can make real-time adjustments to schedules.

"Anybody who wants to streamline their rostering, streamline their onboarding, streamline their payroll, streamline basically all HR systems, should investigate foundU thoroughly because my assumption is they would see way more benefit than anything else on the market at the moment that I know of," Cory said.


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