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How Cessnock Hospitality Group Went 100% Paperless

The foundU Team
August 5, 2020
5 Min Read
How Cessnock Hospitality Group Went 100% Paperless

Home of the mighty Goannas, the Cessnock Hospitality Group consists of the club, an offsite bistro and bar, a bowls club and a motel. With over 90 staff working across a range of awards, positions and departments, Cessnock Hospitality Group needed a platform that could do it all.

While the Goannas may have been winning on the field, Administration Manager Stacey White and HR Consultant Vanessa Delforce weren’t having the same success.

They had to deal with systems that didn’t integrate and a very paper heavy process.

Three page rosters would be printed and left at reception for staff to check, which led to missed shifts and a mountain of paperwork for Stacey to work through at the end of the week.

There were often payroll adjustments and Stacey was never fully confident that she was capturing accurate time and attendance. If someone decided to leave early or cut a shift short, there was no way to know.

Stacey and Vanessa wanted an all in one system that cut the paperwork, recorded accurate time & attendance and made their jobs easier.

This is how foundU helped them do it.


Fully-costed rosters

The foundU roster module gives you the ability to set budgets by day or week, then see and control your wage costs in real-time as you build your rosters. Stacey and Vanessa used the rosters to calculate JobKeeper payment amounts and give staff the right hours.

With rosters available on any device, there was no more printing and complaints. To top it off, managers can communicate with individual staff what’s expected during the shift with communication tools embedded in the roster.

"It’s been really helpful with JobKeeper - we’ve been able to see how much each person is costing and roster up to the $750 payment exactly," Stacey said.


Super-fast payroll

The entire payroll process was taking over a day to complete. With foundU’s instant shift approval, managers can approve a shift that day and it will automatically be passed to payroll.

All Stacey needs to do is double check the final amount, click pay and it’s done.

"With manual time sheets, it would take a whole day to process pay - with foundU one hour max." Stacey said.


Cut the admin

No one likes updating staff details and chasing documents. Stacey and Vanessa love that the foundU platform gives employees the ability to update their bank, tax and superannuation details when they choose.

Staff can also easily set and change their availability and request leave from the app which automatically notifies managers.

"The responsibility is on them, whereas before in the old system, they would have to wait for me to get back to them," Vanessa said.


100% cloud-based

foundU is 100% cloud based and can be accessed from any device. With the changing nature of COVID-19, Stacey and Vanessa don’t need to be in the office to get the job done.

"I can do it from anywhere - you couldn’t go into 2020 and not have a cloud-based system," Vanessa said.


Top-quality support

foundU support is Australian-based. We are with Stacey and Vanessa every step of the way to answer any questions and help in any way we can.

"The support is really good," Stacey said.

"You email support and get an answer that day, it’s super quick and helpful. I’ve got them on speed dial and they never gets sick of hearing from me."


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