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Why Wymap Group Are Enjoying Using The foundU Platform

Jonathon Shipton
January 30, 2022
3 Min Read
Why Wymap Group Are Enjoying Using The foundU Platform

Wymap Group, established in 1981, is the leading Australian Air-side Resource Company providing specialist handling and transport services to the airfreight, airport, and airline industries at local, interstate, and international markets.

Wymap People, a division of Wymap Group, offers a range of recruitment and labour hire services for many clients, specialising in aviation related activities involving logistics, warehousing, and transport sectors. They develop a thorough understanding of their clients’ needs, enabling suitable pre-selection and agility 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


Systems that did not speak to each other

Wymap Group manages a complex payroll of just over 100 full-time workers and 300 casuals at all major airports in Australia and New Zealand.

These employees work within the three entities of the Group: Wymap Group, Wymap People, and The Aviation Group, which provides solutions to the aviation, transport, and logistics industries.

Before foundU, Wymap Group used two separate platforms, one to manage scheduling and the other to manage payroll and invoicing. Neither of these systems communicated with the other and required two teams to manage: one to process schedules and manage onboarding, the other to manually input hours worked, and process payroll and invoicing.

This often resulted in a lot of onerous, back-and-forth communication.


Success from the foundU platform

According to Frank Li, Accountant at Wymap, the foundU platform has made a big difference to Wymap Group.

“It’s an integrated system, which allows us to manage onboarding, scheduling, payroll and invoicing in one place,” Frank said.

“Previously, we would have to submit a ticket and wait a day or two to get a response. With foundU, I always receive a response within a day – sometimes even in just ten minutes. With the excellent responding time, we can ensure our employees and clients get their issues fixed in time. That’s so much better than our previous experience.”

“The Development team at foundU is amazing. Even though foundU has developed as a very reliable and mature platform, they are still willing to work on our personalised request to optimise the usage of the system. “

Wymap Group are enjoying all the benefits of the foundU platform, and while they love finding new ways to enhance existing processes, they aren’t planning on switching to another platform anytime soon.


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