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TFH Hire Services Saves Two Days a Week on Rostering and Payroll

Jonathon Shipton
September 7, 2022
6 Min Read
TFH Saves Two Days a Week on Rostering and Payroll

TFH Hire Services is Australia’s most successful, privately owned temporary fencing and equipment company. From humble beginnings in a backyard shed, the company has become a national business in 23 years, with 230 employees in four branches across four states, plus 35 distributors nationally.

Before foundU, TFH Hire Services operated a time-consuming system with paper-based timesheets, manual data entry, complex software integrations with third-party accounting software, and award interpretation using spreadsheets. They wanted an all-in-one system that would minimise costs while letting them manage everything in one place. 

After an extensive tender process, TFH Hire Services chose foundU because it would help them reduce costs and eliminate the need for complex integrations. Steven Tracey, Payroll Manager at TFH Hire Services, reports that implementing foundU has minimised manual data entry and streamlined processes to the point that he saves two days each week on rostering and payroll processing.


Paper-based, manual and complex systems

TFH Hire Services manages a payroll of 230 employees across four entities and four states.

Before implementing foundU, TFH Hire Services went on a journey, trialling a range of different rostering and payroll systems that offered limited returns. These were often time-consuming and included paper-based timesheets, manual data entry, unreliable complex software integrations with third-party accounting software, and award interpretation using spreadsheets.

"Originally we were using accounting software and spreadsheets," Steven said.

"We would enter the hours the employee worked, it would convert the hours to what award interpretation should be - converting to ordinary time, overtime and allowances. Initially, to save us time I restructured and expanded on that program to the point where we could enter all our employees and we could then extract a compatible CSV file that could be imported into the accounting software to half data entry.

"From there, we introduced our own in-house electronic timesheet system that we integrated with another HR platform. This was still time consuming, as we had to pull the information out of the timesheet system, convert to award conditions and import it into the accounting software."

Steven also says the system was a challenge for front line managers.

"Managers used old-school, hard copy paper-based timesheets that they physically handed in, or scanned and emailed them through," Steven said.

"More often than not some were missing, which means we had to spend time chasing these up before processing could begin. It was another issue for Payroll to resolve before processing each week."

Steven says the all-in-one aspect of the foundU platform was what drew TFH Hire Services to foundU. They recognised that the platform would minimise costs while letting them manage everything in one place.

"We moved to foundU because it's an all-in-one program with no upfront costs - we pay week-to-week, which is fantastic."

TFH Hire Services - Blog - 070922Saving two days per week on rostering and payroll

Since TFH Hire Services first implemented the foundU platform, Steven estimates that he alone has been able to save two days per week on rostering and payroll processing allowing additional time for other tasks that are usually neglected when time is limited.

"foundU has minimised data entry for us," Steven said.

"We no longer have to enter timesheets every week. It takes us half the amount of time - we save two days per week on rostering and payroll which ensures no task large or small gets neglected."

For on-site managers, Steven says the platform has been invaluable in helping reduce admin and data entry.

"It helps all the managers - they can manage all their own staffing requirements and use the platform to plan and roster to their specific needs quickly and easily," Steven said.

"I've trained all our managers, one on one, to ensure they have a good understanding of the platform so they can create their own rosters, approve and decline shifts and approve leave - things that used to require constant payroll assistance and oversight, but now no longer does."

Steven also reports the integrated nature of the foundU platform makes payroll audits easier.

"I've always been confident about payroll audits - I always keep that paper trail and make sure that I've got everything that's required," Steven said.

"I would say it's a lot easier with foundU - everything is in the one platform, so everything is easily accessible. Previously, we would have to search through two or three separate programs to find what we needed. Having everything integrated makes it quick and easy."

Steven also says the support from the customer success team has aided in their success with the foundU platform.

"It's good to have support available via email when something isn't working the way it should be with very quick response times, even on low priority issues," Steven said.

For any business needing a better system to manage their employee rostering and payroll, Steven says foundU is the obvious choice.

"Overall, it's a lot better than it used to be - I would recommend foundU to businesses needing help with rostering and payroll," Steven said.


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