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How Kilmore Racing Club Manage HR & Payroll In One

The foundU Team
June 25, 2020
4 Min Read
How Kilmore Racing Club Manage HR & Payroll In One

With venues located in Bendigo and Kilmore, The Kilmore Racing Club’s 110 staff working across racing, venues and admin are supported by HR Manager Emma Walker.

Emma has a tricky job, the racing industry is seasonal and the Club will often have staff work a few race meetings before moving on. Onboarding them quickly, making sure they’re paid properly, and on-time is priority number one.

Before foundU, the Club used three separate systems. They had one for scheduling and timekeeping, one for payroll and one for HR.

While the systems did their job, it was a pain to add employees to each separate system (especially when they were only working a few shifts) and transport data between systems.

Emma needed an all-in-one platform that did everything from onboarding to payroll that she could use anywhere.


All-in-one system 

foundU is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all your payroll and HR needs. We know the pain when systems don’t talk to each other and we want to make your experience as seamless as possible.

Every change Emma makes in the platform flows through and updates in all relevant areas like availability, scheduling and rates. If she moves staff between locations or puts them in a different position, the foundU platform will automatically pay the right amount.

"Overall, using foundU is twice as fast as our previous set-up," Emma said.


Venue-managed scheduling 

Before foundU, Emma was creating schedules for the two locations with all her staff. With foundU, Venue Managers are able to create their own schedules, also approve shifts and allowances which makes time-keeping and payroll easier for everyone.

"With foundU, managers are able to schedule efficiently within their own venues (which is a really good system)," Emma said.


Easy onboarding

Having a transient workforce can be tricky, but with foundU’s integrated system, Emma only needs to onboard them once and not manually upload them into three different systems.

"Having to set them up all the time everywhere just didn’t work - foundU onboarding is a massive time saver," Emma said.


Less work with template documents

Emma uses the platform to send all her staff documents, policies and procedures. With foundU, all she needs to do is template a document and send to a list of staff she chooses. The foundU platform will automatically remind staff to acknowledge the documents electronically and will tell Emma exactly who has signed and on what date.

All employee actions are recorded against their profile which Emma can view at anytime.

"On a HR side for me personally, document control is probably the best part of the platform," Emma said.


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