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Employee financial support that makes a difference.


Something for your team that actually makes a difference

Our employees are everything to us. We imagine it’s the same for you too.


Budgeting tools

Employees can create a budget to ensure financial success.


Real time wage data

Forecast earnings and earned wage information.


Emergency wage access

Access to earned wages in case of emergencies.


Personalised budgets and real time wage data

Allow your team to create personalised budgets based on their typical living expenses. Projected wage earnings based on rostered shifts along with real time earned wage calculations from approved hours ensures they can monitor their financial position 24/7.


Improved wellbeing, improved workforce

Differentiate your workplace in the battle for top talent to boost recruitment results and speed up time to hire. Increase productivity and staff retention by providing a meaningful financial wellbeing offering that supports your team in ways that others can’t.


Assurance and support for your team when they need it

At no cost or additional cost or effort to you. The emergency wage access feature allows your employees to access their earned wages for life’s unplanned expenses. We fund it, automatically apply a deduction and recoup the amount when you process pay. No cost to you and no disruption to your processes.

Frequently asked questions

Does Wageflo cost our business anything?

No – Wageflo is a Financial Health and Wellbeing offering that you can provide your employees at no additional cost.

Do I need to add tasks to payroll processing to facilitate Wageflo?

No - We automate everything from start to finish. Simply turn the feature on and we take care of the rest.

Can I restrict Emergency Wage Access to specific employees?

Absolutely – You can select which employees are able to access their earned wages in case of emergencies and also limit the amount accessible.

"Giving staff the ability to manage their own finances is the future of payroll, and I think, one of the great features of foundU."

- National Protective Services


Popular features

Employee Management

One record, one source of truth, for life. No more data sync issues across multiple systems. Update it once, move on to the next

Self Service App

Manage employment info, availability, leave, time and attendance, qualifications, view upcoming shifts, see real time wage earnings, create personal budgets.

Time and Attendance

Clock apps, Geo-Location check ins, QR code scanning or simple in app shift submissions. When it comes to T&A we have a little something for everyone. Pick one or use them all, the choice is yours.

Transparent pricing, no surprises

Get the features and setup you need from day one. Choose from three unique packages, all designed to suit your business and ensure you only pay for what you need.