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Why Capitol Corp Brought Their Payroll In-House

Jonathon Shipton
June 17, 2022
6 Min Read
Why Capitol Corp Brought Their Payroll In-House

Capitol Corp is a hospitality and entertainment business that owns and operates some of the most successful bars and nightclubs in Perth, Western Australia.

Originally founded in 2011, Capitol Corp has grown from managing just two nightclubs to operating venues right across Perth, including Magnet House, Amplifier, Edison, The Lookout Bowling Bar Bites, The Breakwater, Arcade Joondalup, Metropolis Fremantle and Flight Club.

Before implementing foundU, payroll and superannuation were managed by a third-party provider, greatly limiting the control Capitol Corp had over their payroll. They wanted an all-in-one system like foundU that incorporated onboarding, scheduling and payroll, while giving them greater control over managing their workforce.

Shaye Italiano, Executive Assistant at Capitol Corp, reports that foundU has enabled them to bring payroll back in-house and give them greater control over workforce management.


Outsourced payroll and super

Across its eight hospitality venues, Capitol Corp manages a complex payroll of 400 employees and growing.

Prior to foundU, Capitol Corp outsourced payroll and superannuation payments to a third-party provider.  

"It posed a lot of issues for us in the sense that we weren't able to edit things ourselves, or add in missing pays if an error was made," Shaye said.

"We knew we needed a platform that was easy-to-use, incorporated everything and could be managed in-house."


Implementation during a pandemic

After choosing foundU as their new workforce management platform, Capitol Corp underwent implementation in one of the most challenging times in recent history: during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We implemented during the very first COVID-19 lock-down, which was a massive challenge," Shaye said.

"With hospitality venues like ours closed, staff weren't working so there was no motivation for them to complete the onboarding. foundU was incredibly patient with us, and their support during this period was invaluable."


Greater control over payroll

Since implementing foundU, Shaye reports that Capital Corp is now enjoying greater control over workforce management.

"foundU has made everything a lot easier and simpler," Shaye said.

"Everything is in the one place, and I like that we only need one person managing it as an admin. The staff working at our venues are happy with the foundU Clock app, which makes tracking time and attendance a lot easier for me, and for them as well."

In her role, Shaye says the payroll module has simplified pay day.

"The payroll module is the best part for me - it's all in the one spot, easy to navigate, easy to track and means I don't have to use an additional system, " Shaye said.

"I can search for employee profiles directly if I need to add back pay, as opposed to having to scroll to find them. I can easily add additional things like uniform deductions, child support payments, leave... it's so simple."

Shaye also says the rostering module also provides a lot of value for their venue managers.

"It's very easy to use - they can see everything all in the one place, and they can make updates quickly if they need to," Shaye said.

All-in-all, Capitol Corp are enjoying the benefits of the foundU platform.

"A friend working for a different company asked me what workforce management platform they should move to, and I recommended foundU," Shaye said.

"It's a simple system to use and is something I would continue to recommend."


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