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How City Venue Management Streamlined Their EOFY

July 17, 2020
4 Min Read
How City Venue Management Streamlined Their EOFY

EOFY is process not many Group HR Managers love. It’s not just the reconciliation process and all the checks and balances, you also have to deal with staff emailing for months after asking for extra copies of their payment summaries.

Nicky Sloan, Group HR Manager for City Venue Management, knows this process too well. This End of Financial Year (EOFY), she stopped the emails and made it her easiest EOFY ever. We asked her how she did using foundU.


What was your EOFY process like before foundU?

"We had two different programs and it was quite clunky. It was a bit old school – print the report, reconcile the report and then send out payment summaries to over 1000 staff by email because we didn’t have a portal that could be logged into by employees."


What was the biggest pain point of your previous EOFY process?

"Because we sent payment summaries via email, a lot of employees wouldn’t receive them or it would go to junk/spam or they just didn’t see it. My HR team would constantly get emails and phone calls from employees asking for it to be resent.

"Even down the track, three months later, six months later, when they decide to do their tax returns, instead of just going and trying to find it in the emails, they contact us.

"Last year was great. With everything on the portal, we were able to communicate through foundU that your income statements are on your portal and you can login and get it yourself whenever you see fit."


What’s the best bit of the foundU  EOFY process?

"Definitely the training that we received. We watched one webinar that was really easy to follow and it literally took us 30 minutes run through the whole EOFY process. Quick check with finance that it reconciled (which it did) and some checks and balances.

‘‘Overall, it was super easy and quick.

"When we do it through foundU, it’s just done and finished. We never really have to worry about it again and there is no constant workload throughout the year."


Do you get any feedback from staff about the foundU Platform?

"Just that its fantastic. I think payslips is the big one for us. We used to have to keep sending out payslips to employees. Giving them access to all of their own personal data, whether it’s payslips or income statements or anything else on their foundU profile is just super easy."


Why would you recommend the foundU Platform to other businesses?

"I think the communication is really fantastic and makes things easy, whether it’s the webinar or the support that I get. Even little things like the template to send out to the employees to explain income statements with helpful links included. All of that was already there, ready to go and it’s something that we don’t have to worry about."


Final question, is there anything else you’d like to add?

"I would highly recommend foundU for efficient processes to anyone."



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