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Benefits of tracking Payslip Changes

The foundU Team
November 8, 2023
9 Min Read

Changes, edits and adjustments to payslips are a part of life for payroll teams.For businesses with large workforces, diverse employment types, and complex processes, adjustments are even more common.    

While the foundU platform does everything it can to ensure accuracy in payroll processing – there are always exceptions. A shift may not get approved in time, leave requests could be forgotten or bonuses need backdating.    

We have revamped our payslip edit tracking, to provide more oversight, quicker access and a seamless experience for payroll users.    

So why is comprehensive payslip history important?  

Let’s break it down into five main areas:    



Tracking changes to payslips allows payroll professionals to quickly identify and address any errors or discrepancies. Employees receive accurate and correct payments, minimising the risk of over or underpayments.    



Establishing an audit trail for compliance, by providing evidence of any modifications made to the payroll data and easy access to historical information.



Payroll teams can maintain data integrity and accountability by identifying who made modifications and when they were made. This encourages responsible handling of payslip data, reducing the chances of mistakes occurring.  



If changes are made to a payslip payroll staff can proactively reach out to an employee, explain the modifications, and address any concerns promptly. This helps build trust and foster transparency within the payroll process.   



Analysing the types and frequency of changes made to payslips provides valuable insights for process improvement. Recurring issues or trends in modifications can highlight areas that require further attention, such as training shortfalls, award configuration, or leveraging of new functionalities in your payroll system. 


Tying it all together 

So, what does the above look like in practicality?  

A comprehensive and compliant payslip edit history would include detailed status updates of payslips, including variance amounts, all events (in order of occurrence), the dollar amount changes and totals for each ‘version’ of the payslip.  As well as timestamps and user information with an area for comments that allows you to quickly identify the who, what and why.  It also helps if you could have a PDF of each version so you can see a clear snapshot of that moment in time.    

If you’re using the foundU platform this functionality is available by default. Each payslip update generatesa new line in the payslip version history so you can investigate payslip calculations and user and system actions.     

At foundU, we are dedicated to continuously improving the payroll experience for both administrators and employees. We believe that payroll should be simple, easy and always compliant. That’s why we built a single, all-in-one workforce management platform specifically for Australian businesses. 


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