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Manage a profitable business

Employee wages are the biggest expense for many Australian businesses. That's why it's vital to manage them correctly - getting it right can set you on the path to greater profits. 

With foundU, reducing labour costs has never been easier.

See shift costs live as you schedule staff, compare your labour costs against sales, set budgets to create cost-effective schedules and more. Everything you need to manage a profitable business.

Roster Costing Award Test 2

Optimise labour costs when scheduling

Enjoy greater control over employee scheduling, with tools designed to help you optimise labour costs to increase profitability. 

  • View costs being allocated towards different staffing levels

  • Set budgets by day or week to ensure schedules are on budget

  • Benchmark your labour costs against sales across all of your schedules

Screenshot of labour cost optimisation

Plan future schedules using real data

Get the full story of your labour costs. Identify costs and trends to better optimise your schedules for the future.

  • See the wage costs of any particular section of your workforce

  • Forecast, draft and test different employee scheduling strategies

  • Optimise your workforce costs, accounting for public holidays, penalty rates and shift allowances

Breakdown of roster costs

Take greater control over business costings

Cater directly to the complexity of your workforce. Use shift costing features to set up more complex shifts while ensuring employees are paid at the correct rate.

  • Pay staff members at varied rates during different parts of the same shift

  • Cost your schedules to represent different departments that pay at different rates

  • Enable employees to work at different sites under separate pay rates in a single shift

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