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How NurseU Achieves Certainty and Cost Savings

Workforce & Payroll Experts

July 24, 2024 2 min read

    Founded in mid-2021, NurseU is a specialist recruitment firm in the healthcare industry, providing nursing agency staff to disability participants, aged care facilities, war veterans, hospitals, and GP practices.

    Since opening its doors, NurseU has used the foundU platform to manage its highly casualised workforce, enjoying regular cost savings, an accurate on-time payroll, time savings on award interpretation, and more.

    Tim Rippon, Managing Director at NurseU, reports that foundU has given him greater control and certainty over his business while increasing cost savings.

    Managing a highly-casualised workforce

    NurseU manages a highly-casualised workforce of registered nurses, enrolled nurses, and personal care assistants.

    Like many business owners, Tim was searching for a cost-effective platform that would help make managing this workforce easier while increasing the efficiency of his business.

    A member of the Recruitment, Consulting & Staffing Association (RCSA), it wasn’t long before Tim heard about the foundU platform. He soon saw the benefits, especially being able to save on ongoing business costs.

    “At the time, we were having discussions with another technology provider that quickly became very expensive,” Tim said.

    “Choosing foundU over the other provider saved us approximately $20,000 in the first year of operations and $10,000 every year thereafter.”

    Fantastic post-implementations support

    After choosing foundU, Tim undertook an assisted implementation to get the platform set-up and configured to his business needs.

    “Having a dedicated onboarding person made a real difference, and the fact that that there were no additional costs for implementation was fantastic,” Tim said.

    “The foundU platform can be configured easily to meet business needs.”

    Tim also says that the post-implementation support and platform optimisations have been invaluable to his business.

    “Being a new and greenfield organisation, we didn’t get the set-up as optimal as we could first time round,” Tim said.

    “However, the post-implementation support has been fantastic – we’ve been able to make significant improvements with the help of the customer success team. Without their support, my business would not be where it is today.” 

    Greater control of business operations

    Implementing the foundU platform has given Tim greater control and certainty over his business.

    “It is very satisfying knowing that my casual nurses get paid on time, every time,” said Tim.

    “Client billing is hassle-free – it occurs the following day after weekly timesheets are closed off. Tax, superannuation, and all entitlements are easily accounted for and reconciled. Debt collection is seamless. As the Managing Director, I feel very in control of my business operations.”

    Tim says that the employee app has also made a significant difference to candidate management.

    "All essential information is collected along the onboarding process, and can easily be updated through the employee app when changes occur, saving considerable administration time," Tim said.

    Tim also praises the foundU platform’s ability to interpret awards and rate books.

    “Understanding rate books and awards can be challenging for those who have not had exposure to them in the past,” Tim said.

    “But once implemented, this part of the foundU platform has saved us a massive amount of time and effort, especially when onboarding new nurses and adding new clients!”

    Switching on the foundU platform’s earned wage access feature has also given NurseU a competitive advantage in the market, particularly during recruitment.

    “Earned wage access sets us apart from other agencies – we can offer something that others can’t,” Tim said.

    “It’s all handled by the platform, so there is zero administration on my end – and payroll remains unchanged! We feature it when recruiting and candidates are always very positive when this is mentioned.”

    It’s clear that Tim and NurseU are enjoying all the benefits of the foundU platform and are enhancing the usage of the platform to meet their business needs.

    "If you are looking for a workforce management platform, seriously consider foundU – it can help you run your business much more efficiently,” Tim said.


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