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How Antonio's Cut Payroll Time Down To 5 Minutes

Workforce & Payroll Experts

July 24, 2024 2 min read

    Kamil Rezk’s pizzeria, Antonio’s, makes some of the finest pizza in Sydney’s Sutherland shire. With a team of over 30 staff and two stores, Antonio’s is a pizza success story.

    On the journey to success, Kamil had to suffer more than a few burnt pizzas. He had to figure out a way to improve his payroll and HR.

    Kamil was a one-man band. He had to manually create rosters and update each employee individually by SMS. He spent time driving between stores collecting paper timesheets and double-checking them by hand. Payroll was a multi-step process and took hours to complete.

    Kamil wanted a smooth, automated process that made his life easier. He wanted to stop driving between stores and juggling multi-site rosters. He wanted a service he could depend on and a platform for growth.

    Here at foundU, we understand the pressures of running a business at multiple locations. Some of our clients have 20 different locations and manage them all from the one account. We have the experience to help people like Kamil run a multi-site business (and keep the pizza coming).

    Multi-site rostering

    Kamil was able to easily split his rosters into two when using the foundU rostering module. Staff can notify Kamil when they need time off and he can make changes on the fly.

    Even better, Kamil can use past roster data to predict future staffing levels for busy periods and big events. Before foundU, that would have meant hours looking back over texts and timesheets.

    To cut down on Kamil’s driving from store to store, rostering and timesheet approval can be done from anywhere.

    Power to employees

    Kamil needs a good team to keep the business running. He builds his team using foundU’s completely contactless and paperless onboarding. All Kamil needs to do is send a link to new employees and they fill out the rest. Employee handbook, policy and procedures, employment details, it’s all there.

    "I send out a link and it’s up to them to complete the process," said Kamil.

    Five minute payroll

    Before foundU, Kamil would have to go onto the Fair Work website and choose which award his staff worked under. With foundU’s compliant platform, Kamil doesn’t have to worry about paying the right rate. We work with all of our customers to find the correct award, and program the system to update automatically when awards and pay rates change.

    Combined with the rostering and instant approval of shifts, Kamil estimates that payroll now takes five minutes instead of three hours.

    "I was spending three hours a week doing payroll, now it takes me just five minutes to pay all my staff across two stores," Kamil said."


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