Rosters vs Timesheets

The best timesheet is the one you don’t have to do

If you want automation, simplicity and sophisticated flexible technology to schedule, and record time and attendance so your employees are paid correctly.  This is exactly what you get with foundU’s rostering tool.  

Timesheets are the underlying data matrix formed from the interaction of Employee records with Award Interpretation and Scheduling systems.  This saves you the time of manually organising, inputting and checking data yourself. 

The drag and drop dynamic interface of foundU’s rosters will have you wondering what you ever did without them. 

Drag and Drop ShiftsAdvantages of foundU Rosters: 

  • Copy shifts forward or use Templates 
  • Multiple display, filter and sort options 
  • See wage costs 
  • Geo-clocking 
  • Bulk actions 
  • Insert notes and comments 
  • Record break times 
  • Capture info on clock in/out 
  • Offer candidates shifts who can accept on their phone 
  • Shortcut keys 
  • Access Approve Shifts from Rosters 
  • Adjust multiple shift times with ease 
  • Warnings and notifications for scheduling clashes 
  • Import Roster budgets 
  • Analytics 

And much much more... 

Check it out!