What is a time and attendance system?

Simplify time and attendance tracking. Discover how foundU records time and attendance without paper timesheets.

What comes to mind when someone says ‘time and attendance’?  Depending on your business, it might be clocking, scheduling shifts, work timings and locations, tracking and approving attendance, leave and absences, or using apps and mobile devices. 

With foundU, time and attendance means all of the above and more, and with the power of one unified platform, you can effortlessly schedule, clock, track, approve and manage your workforce anywhere, anytime. 

There's no need to try and mash together different systems, foundU’s all-in-one architecture ensures the seamless flow of data and processes from your employee’s profiles through to our Rosters, Clock and Time Off features, and then to Approve Shifts and Pay for validation and remuneration. 

No more wasting time and resources with paper timesheets and schedules. Create, build and publish rosters all on the one screen, then track your staff as they sign in and out through the foundU Clock or Employee App.    

Apart from clocking, employees can also submit leave and changes to availability as well as accept or decline shifts and record breaks, all from the Employee App. 

Then it’s time for managers and admins to check and approve attendance and add changes or leave in Approve Shifts.  Use settings to automate some of the work for you and customise according to your needs. 

With your time and attendance processes optimised you’ll have more time to review your payroll, onboarding or employees – and we can help you manage those too!