What are operations?

Manage multiple entities - your multi-site business or group, labour hire, independent contractors and franchisees with foundU Operations

For managers, owners, and your clients, operations are the central cogs of the foundU platform.  They seamlessly interact with all the other components, administering pay rates, financial details of your business, branches or entities, your clients, your CRM and contacts, clock apps, and they’re also where your rosters live!  

Whether you’re a single operation business, or have multiple sites, locations, branches, clients, franchisees etc, you’ll be using operations in foundU.  If you manage multiple sites, you can give those sites access to their specific operation so they can manage leave requests, roster employees, and approve shifts. 

One of the key components of foundU operations are the rates books.  Drawing from the powerful Award engine, this is where you’ll set up the underlying data for all your employee positions and pay rates.  Bulk and template options mean that editing and duplicating your rates books is easy. 

For your client users there's the operations portal.  It’s the perfect way for managers at branches, sites or franchises to be able to manage employee shifts and leave without requiring exposure or training in the larger platform – just use what they need. 

If you’d like to dig deeper into how things work contact us for a demo.