Setting up new operations

Growing your business is exciting and can be stressful, but there's no stress in adding new operations to your foundU platform

Whether it’s a new Client, Venue, Office, Site or Branch, adding additional operations is as easy as following the bouncing ball.  

Go to Operations and Add Operations, then complete all the details and Register. 

Check out your shiny new operation sitting in Pending Operations.  Now you can get into all the settings, details and info you need – Quick Settings is your friend here! 

When you are done Accept Operation and your new operation moves to Approved Operations. 

 Approved OperationsNow let’s set up the financial and purchase order details.   

Go to the Card icon > Financial Tab and assign the relevant Payroll tax states.  Adjust variables, check all other details and Save

Next is the Details icon > Details Tab > Edit. Here you’ll update the operation details such as ABN, Company and trade name, accounts and admin email.   

Hit Save and if you use Purchase Orders, select the Business icon > PO library to build out your library of purchase order codes and save again. 

If you want to Invoice through foundU, select the trading terms tab to review the trading terms displayed on your invoices. 

Your Clock Apps also sit within Operations and this is where you’ll configure them. 

If you’ve already checked out "What are Operations?" you’ll know that one of the key components of foundU Operations are the rates books, and this is where you’ll set them up, maintain and update them. 

In your Approved Operation > Card > Ratesbook tab select the State and edit. 

Unless you want to manually override rates (which can’t be less that the award) toggle on auto calculation, which will make setup even easier. 

Add in each position using the subclass drop-down.  Ensure you add the Workers compensation (WIC) code for each position.  

You can also import ratesbooks or use a handy template! 

Rates BookIf your business invoices, add in charge out rates and scroll to the bottom and save. 

Now set up your allowances by going into the Ratesbook tab, and selecting the Allowances tab next to positions. 

Add in your allowances and the pay and charge details. 

Done!  Now, if you want to run some reports on your new operations you’ve got various options on the platform: 

 - Prospects report (Reports > Business) 

- Manager activity report (Reports > Business) 

- Operations information export via Approved Operations > Show filter (filter by a manager, office code, tags) and bulk actions to export the data (if needed).