Payout of Remaining Leave

Easily manage the final payslips and entitlements payouts of your terminated employees in the foundU platform

Not all aspects of employee termination need to be painful.  Editing a payslip is easy in foundU so you can do that final payslip no sweat.  

If you need to specifically do an Employment Termination Payment (ETP), check out here <link the preceding phrase to other termination (ETP) article> for that process which is different from what we are about to outline. 

It’s easy enough to edit a final payslip: 

  • Find the employee’s draft payslip by going to Payroll > Pay, applying the relevant period end date and search for the employee. 
  • Select Actions > Edit to edit the payslip. 

Next pay out those leave entitlements: 

  • Just click the drop-down arrow on the relevant leave type and select the termination option. 

To pay out entitlements for a termination:  

  • In the Edit Payslip screen, select the 'Termination' option under the Method drop-down.   

Here you’ll get some more options: 

  • Lump Sum A Redundancy 
  • Lump Sum A Termination 
  • Lump Sum B 
  • Unused Leave on Termination 

Now lets Preview and Update the payslip.  

If you’re changing a full-time employee to casual you'll be able to manage their leave entitlements while setting up the new position: 

  •  Pay Out the balance in the final payslip for the full-time position (usually Annual Leave) 
  • Carry Over entitlements to the new position (I.e. Long Service Leave) 
  • Delete the entitlements. 

Now let’s talk reporting! 

Go to Reports > Financial > Standard Payroll Activity Report. 

Enter your dates and groupings (i.e. Employee ID, Payslip and Period End), and in Extra Filters select Payslips with Leave Terminations, and then finally select any other options you need and Submit!