How to test your awards

Never worry about payroll accuracy again. Run an award interpretation test for a complete breakdown of an employee's pay to ensure that everything is working correctly.

You have all the right awards set up for your business. So how can you ensure that they are being applied correctly to your employees?

As well as having the most powerful award engine in Australia, we also have an award interpretation test which lets you break everything down for review.

There are two ways to access the tool:

  1. Select 'View Breakdown' in a draft payslip
  2. Select 'Award Test' on the 'Pay' page

Award Test

The full breakdown in the award test includes ordinary hours, overtime hours, leave, unpaid break times, and allowances. You will also be able to test current timesheets and compare positions.


Find the Award Test under Payroll  - KnowledgeBase - v1 101022

View Breakdown

Viewing the breakdown in an employee's draft payslip will take you to the 'Award Test' page. Comparing employees is as easy as selecting their names and the desired parameters. You can see total wages, hours, rates, and charge rates for labour hire. You can do all the same by operation, so you’ll be able to compare employee timesheets within various branches, sites or clients. 


Understand how your award is interpreted  - KnowledgeBase - v2 111022

Apply an Award Test to a roster to see how things will pan out for employees on certain days, times, public holidays, and more. You can escalate this even further by creating a scenario. Build a timesheet to test how the system will handle it based on certain information.


Build out a scenario to test new roster arrangements  - KnowledgeBase - v1 111022