How to set up invoicing

Follow these simple steps to set up your invoices in foundU 

There are three easy steps to invoicing on foundU – Generate, Review, Issue.   

But before you can generate invoices, there’s a few things to set up and that’s what we’ll cover here! 

Invoice settings are easy to configure in the Operations component of the platform. 

Operations > Approved Operations > Select an Operation > Quick Settings 

Quick Settings

There are multiple options for how you want to organise your invoices for your clients.  You can: 

  • Split invoices by purchase order 
  • Group invoice line items by the employee 
  • Set as a ‘no-charge’ Operation 
  • Include date on invoice line items 
  • Invoice for TOIL 
  • Invoice for entitlements 

You can also easily customise your invoice reference & ID numbers. 

Now you’re good to go! 

The data for Invoices comes from your pay data, so make sure you have finalised your pays before generating Pending Invoices.