How to set-up Beam to pay employee superannuation

Save time and stress with Super. Leverage foundU's integration with Beam for fast and easy superannuation payment processing.

The next quarter has rolled around and it’s time to send off those Super payments.  If you’ve chosen Beam as your clearing house, you can use foundU’s handy integration and get everything done from the platform. 

foundU does not provide financial product advice and does not recommend any particular clearing house provider.  

You can register for Beam via the platform and then configure and update details anytime in Payroll settings > Superannuation! 

Super Annuation SettingsOnce you’ve set up as per the steps above you can review your General superannuation settings, which you’ll find under Payroll settings > Superannuation. 

Your Beam menu will also be in the Superannuation settings.  Here you can specify the details of your paying entity and default super funds, and then make sure to set up your refund account so can process your first payment.