How to run a birthday reports for payroll

Get a quick and easy report to check employee positions and pay rates. Stay on top of compliance and update pay rates to age-appropriate levels.

It’s HR 101 to be on top of your staff birthdays for acknowledgement and celebration, but less grievance will come from forgetting a birthday cake than forgetting a stipulated pay increase!   

You can generate and export the data you need via the Bulk Actions menu from Approved People in foundU. Make sure to select the desired Date of Birth, Age, Pay Rate and Position related options to report on the essential details you need, and then click Export CSV to have them at hand. 

Now that you have your report, if you want to check against an employee’s position and pay rate directly, go to Employee Profile > Employee Card > Employment Type. 

You can also use this process to manage your casual juniors and set up their next level of rates in advance, so when their birthday rolls around, they transition seamlessly to the new correct pay rate.