How to measure overtime costs

Know exactly how much you spend on employee overtime. See exactly how much overtime you have paid per employee or per roster.

Need to check how much employee overtime is costing you?  and when and where? foundU's Labour Management Report has the answers! 

While it’s all data from your employees, this report is really all about you – what you want to see.   

You can filter by employees, office codes, purchase orders (or rosters), operations, and group the data by; Time, Month, Employee ID, Operation ID, Position ID, Date, Day , Purchase order (or roster) and Period end 

There are also checkboxes so you can show only the data for the shifts that have been paid and or approved, the rate breakdowns for each shift, allowance breakdowns and charge out rates. 

Group by Day to see the hours, overtime, allowances and costs for the day, and add another group for employees to break it down by each person.  

Check the Shift breakdown checkbox to drill down further and see the ordinary versus overtime rates. 

Want to see what specific positions are costing you?  Then group by Position ID.  Do the same to check your labour costs for a roster or purchase order. 

How do you like your reports? You have a choice of CSV, PDF or Print out.