How to manage staff availability

Give your casual employees the ability to update their availability, then see and manage their requests directly in the platform.

Managing a casual workforce is easy when you have direct oversight of availability and attendance, coordinating fast changes with a powerful tool like foundU.

Enable 'Availability' on the foundU platform to see your employees' availability on schedules and in their profiles, making scheduling easier and saving you time if they cancel shifts. It also allows casuals to submit their ongoing availability and request time off. 

Toggle on 'Time-based availability system' in your system settings and you're ready to roll! You'll then be able to see availability on your schedules if 'Show time off' is selected in your display settings.


Display staff unavailability within your roster view  - KnowledgeBase - v1 131022

Employees can see 'Availability' in the 'Time Off' menu in their portal, and access two types of availability:

  1. 'Ongoing Availability': sets their pattern for each week
  2. 'Once-off Availability': a specific time off request that you approve

Both types of availability flow through to your schedules.

You can customise settings further, including choosing preferred notice periods for ongoing availability changes and submitting availability requests, email notification preferences, and blocking out or prescribing 'ideal' days for time off.

You can also enable your employees to adjust their regular pattern of availability and request one-off changes via the employee app. From the 'Availability' menu, they can edit and save their ongoing availability or select once-off, enter dates and reasons and submit for approval.  They’ll also receive email notifications if their requests are approved or declined, and can check the status anytime in the app. 


Allow staff to update their availability in the employee app - KnowledgeBase - v1 131022

View and manage employee requests in the 'Availability' page, approving, declining or editing as required. You can even submit a request on behalf of an employee. Changes will flow through to your schedules according to your settings.

View, accept, change or deny an availability request  - KnowledgeBase - v1 131022