How to lock approve shifts for payroll

Avoid last minute confusion and issues for your payroll team by locking approved shifts to prevent changes from being made.

The last thing your team needs while they are doing the crucial job of processing payroll is other staff jumping in and making changes to approved hours. foundU’s Lock Shifts feature solves this. 

By giving Admin Users select permissions to Access Lock Shifts, they will have the ability to lock shifts by Operation, Office code or Roster, and then unlock those shifts once they have completed their work. 

Lock ShiftsSetup 

Getting your Admin Users set up with the right permissions is as easy as going to Platform Settings > Users, and editing the Permission Group, selecting ‘Access Lock Shifts’. 

With that permission configured they can now go to Approve Shifts (Time and Attendance) and start locking shifts. 

Just pick the week and use the drop-down menu to lock by Operation, Operation office code, or Roster.  Then, usually in line with the pay period, lock for a week or fortnight.  Finally, select the specific Operation/s, Office code/s or Roster/s.  Once you’re happy, select ‘Lock Shifts’ and you’re done! 

To unlock, revisit the Lock Shifts button which will read 'Unlock all Shifts' if you have locked shifts present.  Click the Unlock Shifts button in the pop-up.  The unlocked shifts will now show without the lock icon.  

Edit rights 

A User who has 'edit pay' permission enabled will see the lock icon next to shifts and will still be able to continue to edit shifts, with no need to unlock.  

A User who has 'edit pay' permission off will see shifts greyed out when shifts are locked and will not be able to make any changes without a Super User unlocking the shifts for them.