How to enable employees to upload timesheets

Take advantage of foundU's flexible Time & Attendance options - enable timesheet upload for employees

Different workplaces have different needs. That’s why foundU’s flexibility is so powerful.   

If your business operations require employees to submit a record of their times or to submit timesheets - we have that covered as well! In remote locations with limited connectivity to apps and devices a timesheet option can be vital. 

If you have employees configured to submit shifts, there is also the capability to attach a weekly timesheet via the Times section in the employee portal or the employee self-serve app. 

Employee Time Sheet Submission

Enabling this option is as simple selecting a range of toggles in Platform settings > Timesheet settings.  

Once there you’ll see two settings, the first one to allow employees to upload timesheets from the Times section (and enable the feature across all employees), and a second, optional setting to 'Require employee to submit timesheet from Times page'. 

Configure as required and save. Any timesheets employees submit will flow to Approve Shifts and display in the Additional icon when a physical timesheet is attached - ready for you to review and approve.   

Approve Shifts additional document