How to see employees without a Tax File Number

Get on top of those lagging employee tax details with the awaiting tax file number (TFN) report.

By decree of the Australian Tax Office (ATO), employees have 28 days to provide a TFN to an employer or have applied for or enquired with the ATO about a TFN or exemption - otherwise a withholding tax will apply.  

Simply onboarding and reduce admin. Run reports to identify employees with missing information and send them reminders directly to their employee self-serve app. 


Run an Awaiting TFN report to view a list of employees who haven’t provided their TFN.  Go to ‘Reports’ > ‘Financial’ and from the Tax subsection select ‘Awaiting TFN’.  That’s it.  You’ll see all the employees who haven't provided a TFN and the number of days since they submitted their Tax File Declaration.   

Select ‘Show entries to box‘ in the top left to view more employees on one screen, and if you just want to see a particular employee use the search box on the right-hand side.   

Employees that have exceeded 28 days will be highlighted in red and will be taxed at the higher withholding tax rates as per the ATO rules - 47% for residents and 45% for foreign residents. 

Awaiting TFN Report

Send Reminders 

Now you’ve got your pending list, why not send a reminder?  

Go to ‘People’> ‘Approved People’.  Then ‘Show Filter’ and select ‘TFN Status’ > ‘Awaiting TFN’, to filter by your specific groups of employees. You can also filter by ‘Exempt from TFN’ or ‘Has TFN’.  Apply the Filter and check your list. Select ‘Bulk Actions’ > ‘Send Email to All Filtered’.