How to create a checklist for new employees

Know exactly where your candidates or employees are during screening or onboarding. Create checklists to track tasks, including any compliance processes.

Manage your employees onboarding with checklists  - KnowledgeBase - v1 051022Checklists are a proven, time-tested tool used in many industries, professions and processes. We know how useful these are for admins to help track tasks and compliance processes when screening and onboarding, so we’ve created two checklist categories for that very purpose. 

Create custom checklists under either ‘Onboarding’ or ‘Compliance’. Once enabled and set-up, these will appear in employee’s profiles, and completing a task will apply a timestamp and track the user who verified the check. 

Onboarding is where you’ll check off items like resumes, references, interviews and interview stages. Compliance can include qualifications, licenses, vaccination status and more. 

Enabling checklists is as easy as updating system settings. Then to build your lists, use our ‘Tags’ feature and ‘Tags Library’.