How to add your new employees into your payroll processes

Add an employee to payroll seamlessly with a single profile. Reduce admin by enabling your employees to onboard themselves with the correct payroll information.

Get your new hires payroll ready with these six easy steps:


Add your new candidate to the platform - or enable them to add themselves! Choose whether you want a standard onboarding journey, or a two-stage candidate application and onboarding process.  Either way, the journey will be triggered when you register a person, or you can create a registration link for potential candidates to apply.


Allow potential employees to  register their interest  - KnowledgeBase - v3 041022


See your future employee start their onboarding journey and manage their progress easily with the help of a four-phase status bar, visible from the Pending People page or Employee Profile. This status will show either an Application Incomplete, Ready for review, Onboarding incomplete, or Ready to approve - take action accordingly.


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Screen and review details and documentation of successfully onboarded candidates. Inspect these details from within their profile or export to an external document.


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Set up automated, customised or manual communications, deliverable by email or SMS, to both employees and admins.


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Happy with your new candidate? Accept them by going into their pending profile and clicking ‘Approve’.


Add new staff to your  team with one-click  - KnowledgeBase - v1 041022


You nailed it – your new employee is ready to be rostered! You won’t have to leave the Employee Profile to do that - just add a new position, fill in all the relevant details, review and save!


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