How does earned wage access work

Better manage your personal cash flow - Calculate, estimate, budget and withdraw all in the one app

You've heard all about the benefits of Wageflo – On-demand, earned wage access, so you can get up to 80% of your pay early once your shifts are approved, and a life-saving budgeting tool, all literally at your fingertips in the employee self-serve app.  So how does it work? 

First things first, your employer must have Wageflo enabled and of course you’ll need the foundU employee self-serve app to access the features. 

If your employer hasn’t enabled Wageflo, or is unsure about Earned wage access, you can always give them a refresher on the benefits 😉 

Now for the good bit – getting your pay early.  You won’t believe how easy it is. 

Just go into the app and select 'Withdraw Now' from the home screen.  Then enter the amount you want to withdraw ($100 minimum) and follow the prompts.  We told you it was easy! 

Wageflow screenshot

For the Budgeting Tool, go to ‘Calculate Budget’ in your app.  Here you can set up, edit and remove a budget, including expenses, see your real-time earnings, add additional income and multiple bank accounts.  Get the full run down here. 

Budgetting Tool

You probably have some more questions, so we'll cover the basic ones to get you started, and then later you can dive into the full FAQ in the help article. 

As already mentioned, your employer needs to be onboard and have Wageflo enabled.  In addition to this, you need to have been paid at least once by this employer and be at least 18 years old. 

The minimum you can withdraw is $100, and the maximum is 80% of your wages, with just a $5 fee. Once processed you’ll see your funds in your account almost instantly, usually in about 15 seconds. 

Enjoy cash-flow management in the palm of your hand!