How do you manage attendance?

Forget about punch cards, messy sign-in sheets or roll calls, manage employee attendance via the foundU clock on iPad or mobile device.

When your staff clock in with foundU they are connected to Australia’s only true all-in-one workforce management platform.  With options to clock on-site with an iPad via the foundU Clock App, and allow employees to clock with their mobile devices via the Employee App.  

Running a big site? Make the daily sign-in even faster with a QR code for employees to scan rather than remembering password details, or for a more dispersed workforce enable mobile App clocking with custom geolocation settings.  You can even use a combination of methods and devices. 

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Whatever clocking strategy you go with, you’ll be able to leverage your platform settings to automate some of your clocking needs and customise settings for different locations and operations. 

For the most consistent and reliable experience, the Clock App runs exclusively on iPad (IOS 14 minimum).  The Employee App is available for both IOS and Android devices.  We are always fine-tuning and improving the performance of the Clock App so check you have the latest version. 

If your staff already have the Employee App, then you’re just a few clicks away from them using it to clock.  Just enable clocking in your settings, set up the geolocation in your rosters, and enable clocking in their employee profiles. 

For the Clock App, once it’s downloaded onto your iPad, enable it in settings so you can set it up and get your employees to create a passcode in their portals. 

Settings are a big part of foundU’s clocking features and the key to exacting the maximum value.  There are General settings, and then settings specific to the Employee App, and settings specific to the Clock Apps you set up on each Operation. 

You have the power to decide what’s important to your business in terms of attendance processes.  You can set options for employees providing reasons if they are late or early to shifts, set location boundaries at work sites if they are clocking with their phones, require clock-in photos, ensure they select a roster, record breaks, and the list goes on - you can see the full range of options in the link at the end. 

Harness the power of automation, with options to automatically approve shifts that fit your requirements, and automatically adjust times to revert to the roster.