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foundU Director of Strategy Announces New HR Advisory Service

Tyson Armitage
July 18, 2022
3 Min Read
foundU Director of Strategy Announces New HR Advisory Service

A few years ago, we set out on a journey to support Australian businesses.

We planned to easily onboard employees, rid filing cabinets of tax file declarations and save a few trees along the way.

We wanted our customers to roster their employees quicker and easier than ever before and, of course, to re-imagine the way we all see payroll. We wanted to build enterprise level software and offer it at a cost that levels the playing field.

So, we built foundU.

We thank our customers for the part they have played along the way. Our relationships are and will forever be our priority, and your feedback has not only shaped what we do, but how we do it. We're always here to support you and we'll never stop exploring new ways we can.

Together we've endured a lot over the past few years. The pandemic resulted in our customers changing their operating hours, reducing staff numbers, re-inventing their business model and some, unfortunately, having to close their doors.

We quickly pushed our development plans aside, strapped in to build JobKeeper and prioritised any other features that could help. We ensured our Customer Success team were just a phone call away to help, whenever and wherever they could.

As the dust seemed to settle and the outlook began to change, there was hope that we were moving on to a post COVID-19 world. It wasn't too long before economic uncertainty, inflation and a looming recession governed news headlines. Presenting yet another obstacle for us all to overcome.

If features need to be built, our road map will change. If our customers need support, our team are always ready. If you need advice, we can now help with that too.

Our new workplace relations support service is made up of qualified solicitors, senior human resources and industrial relations professionals. We have designed this to assist you with questions about any aspect of workplace relations, from modern award interpretation right through to mental health in the workplace.

To find out more, click the link below or give us a call. We're always here to help.

Tyson Armitage


Click to learn more about our workplace relations support service