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How To Improve Employee Collaboration In The Workplace

The foundU Team
May 14, 2024
11 Min Read

As our world continues to adapt to its new norm of remote working, businesses have responded by developing new and novel ways to ensure effective collaboration in the workplace. An August 2023 study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that 37 per cent of Australians work from home regularly, and as a consequence, the importance of collaboration – and its ability to transform workplace dynamics – has become a fundamental pillar of business success.

What is Collaboration in the Workplace?

Doubtless you've heard the cliches- there's no 'I' in team, teamwork makes the dream work. As trite as the expressions might seem, there can be no denying the truths they convey with reference to workplace collaboration, which, simply put, is a business approach that focuses on communication, mutual goals and shared knowledge. It is the power of brainstorming, of synergy and efficiency, and of a collective ambition that can be achieved with a streamlined process and a well-defined group outlook.

The Benefits of Collaboration in the Workplace

Increased Productivity

Workplace collaboration allows for an optimised workflow both within teams and between departments, with the greater visibility it creates leading to a more focused approach and, in turn, an improved customer experience.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

A common response to survey questions regarding happiness in the workplace centres upon enjoying shared experiences with team members. For many employees, nothing matches a sense of communal purpose and achievement – a key focus of workplace collaboration. 

Effective Communication

Collaboration in the workplace at its core, is about communication. Teams that communicate well increase clarity and understanding of tasks, establish ways to streamline accordingly and work more efficiently. 

Stronger Professional Relationships

By fostering an environment where workplace collaboration is the norm, you are providing team members with a means of routinely engaging with their colleagues. Such a workplace also opens the door for exchanges of knowledge and expertise as well as the development of strong relationships both within and beyond team frameworks.

Barriers to Workplace Collaboration

In our post-pandemic world and the trend towards remote working, it is easy for teams to become disparate, for lines of communication to slowly close – or become too wide open –  and for a clear shared vision to suddenly get clouded. Yet smart businesses are already adapting. Below, we will address some common issues of workplace collaboration and their solutions.

How do you promote collaboration in the workplace?

Implement collaboration tools and platforms

Shifting the way we work has meant shifting our lines of communication. Online tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams provide employees with simple ways to keep in touch constantly, and outline and communicate clear plans.

Encourage regular team meetings and brainstorming sessions

Team meetings in the contemporary business world occur on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet, seemingly as much as they do in person. The format is secondary to the facilitation; making time and space for these exchanges of ideas is a critical element of promoting workplace collaboration.

Foster an open communication culture

Some successful businesses are synonymous with intense, competitive or high-pressure environments – all of which are anathema to building collaboration in the workplace. Make your culture clear to your teams by not only communicating it but living it in the open way you engage with each of your colleagues.

Provide team-building activities and opportunities

A team-building activity can be as extreme as a rock-climbing adventure or as simple as a Friday afternoon online quiz. The point – of bringing people together to foster relationships and strengthen personal bonds – remains the same.

Establish clear goals and roles within teams

Listen to the coach of any successful sporting side discussing their secret sauce and the notion of 'knowing one's role' will invariably be raised. It returns us to clarity through communication: a focus and understanding of role requirements will enable employees to more constructively contribute to a broader remit.

Encourage and facilitate feedback loops

It's impossible to obtain a proper grasp on the effectiveness of collaboration in your workplace without receiving feedback from team members. Ideally, leaders should be regularly checking in with their staff, and scheduling time for meaningful group discussions regarding the status quo of their department. Even a simple anonymous survey can yield valuable insights.

Offer training and development in collaborative skills

The prospect of personal development can be a strong driver for many employees, and when offered with a strategic purpose in mind, it can also prove beneficial to a business. Empower your team members by investing in training courses in workplace collaboration.

Recognise and reward effective collaboration

More than simply a cursory pat on the back, genuine recognition for fine work achieved through workplace collaboration is another means of promoting the concept among your teams. Offer rewards, or better still, bring team members together to create incentive programs, which they then work collectively towards.

Leveraging Technology for Better Collaboration

The tyranny of distance is a problem of yesteryear. With the myriad of communication technologies available to businesses, workplace collaboration has, in some ways, never been a more attainable goal. Video conferencing via Zoom, conversation exchange on Slack, or communal project planning through Microsoft Teams all have the benefit of aligning ideas and goals, whether team members are sharing an office or spreading across continents.

Enhance Your Team's Collaboration with foundU

The unique features of the foundU platform are specifically designed to improve workplace collaboration and streamline operations. Whether it’s managing your labour hire workforce, or organising your employee scheduling, foundU offers a user-friendly product that integrates with the existing systems of your business, as its customers have discovered. The simplicity of the all-in-one approach means both team leaders and members need not waste their time on challenging admin distractions, and move forward instead with planning and achieving their goals.

Get In Touch Today

In a changing world, there really is no time like the present to ensure your business is keeping up, and the benefits of workplace collaboration – as outlined above – are abundantly clear. Are you ready to transform your workplace collaboration? Contact us today to see how foundU can help.