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How Health Hub Morayfield Reduced Payroll By 50%

The foundU Team
April 23, 2020
3 Min Read
How Health Hub Morayfield Reduced Payroll By 50%

The priority for Health Hub Morayfield is (you guessed it) health. What wasn’t healthy was their payroll staff spending hours collating timesheets and manually entering them into their payroll system.

With a mix of casual and permanent staff working across a range of different positions, payroll was a headache.  

Health Hub Morayfield went to see the doctor… foundU. Rita Castorina

Suffering from payroll headaches

foundU has helped hundreds of Australian businesses cure their payroll headache. They have an excellent bedside manner and genuinely care about their customers.  

During the consult with foundU, Health Hub Morayfield described symptoms such as:  

  • A complex scheduling system
  • Paper timesheets that could be easily doctored
  • A payroll system that rounded up and required manual timesheet entry

Reducing payroll processing time by 50%

After careful consideration, foundU recommended their all-in-one workforce management platform, an easy-to-implement treatment that led to:  

  • Complete removal of paper timesheets with the introduction of the foundU Clock app
  • Smart, fast scheduling that always keeps staff wages on budget
  • No more manual timesheet entry - simply approve shifts for payroll
  • Accurate time and attendance tracking

Rita Castorina, Accounts Manager at Health Hub Morayfield, was very impressed with the treatment results.

Rita says she has a seen a 50% reduction in payroll processing time and loves how easy it is for employees to use. 

“Employees enjoy their ability to use the platform using a phone and having easy access to their payslips showing all hours worked and the rates that are applicable to these hours," Rita said.


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